• Reservoir Maximization from a Local Prospective

SPECTRUM’s QHSE Leadership Overview

Our goal is to have a “Zero Incidents” workplace. We aspire to be recognized by our people and peers as an industry leader in the management of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

As a responsible regional corporate citizen, Spectrum embraces quality, health, safety and environment as an integral core value to all its business objectives. It is our firm belief that strict adherence to QHSE considerations is an investment toward preventing and/or mitigating risks, increased safety, and a whole other multitude of efficiencies running the gamut from every stage of our services.

To instill QHSE leadership, and accountability needed to establish an Interdependent Safety Culture, Spectrum provides strong leadership and commitment that permeates through all levels of corporate hierarchy and company practices ensuring that this commitment translates into the necessary resources to attain Spectrum’s QHSE policy and strategic objectives.

This culture can only be materialized through the accountability of every employee who is empowered by the Stop Work Policy to ensure that “ If any employee in the company no matter whom – has any doubt that there is a potential risk to the safety of people/community, safety of operation, environment or quality of our services, then he/she is obligated to stop the job and evaluate the hazards and manage the risks”.